Testimonials From Our Happy Home Owners

We hope that you'll enjoy your new cabinetry as much as these clients.

Testimonial Photo - Trish 1

We recently had a family friend visit from Colorado who said, "This is the most gorgeous kitchen I've ever seen!"

My UltraCraft kitchen receives comments like this all the time. The cabinets are beautiful and solid. This product is a high quality and affordable product in a stunning package--exactly what I was looking for to make my dreams of a beautiful, modern kitchen come true: excellent function and style that is a comfortable haven for my family and friends, and also makes people say, 'Wow, this is a gorgeous kitchen!'

Trish Carte
Boston, MA

Testimonial - Ellen Parker Kitchen

I absolutely love my kitchen. The cabinets are awesome--easy to clean, lovely to look at--so sleek and uncluttered. Your design has given us so much more storage space that most of the serving pieces which had been stored in the dining room buffet are easily accommodated in the kitchen. I always show off the oil and vinegar pull-out, the tray/cookie sheet storage and the spice drawer.

Who knew that an efficiently designed kitchen would help me to be more organized?

Ellen Parker
Boston, MA

Testimonial Photo - Walker 1

The cabinets are simply elegant.  In our kitchen they really bring a touch of warmth that is necessary in even the most modern home.  They are so beautiful and equally functional.  I need both!

The high gloss on the master bath cabinets makes them stand out like a sculpture or piece of art - they make the room.  They also fit perfectly with the other materials that we used in our home.  They make the whole room look more custom, interesting and beautiful. 

The craftsmanship is superior and people comment on the beauty of these cabinets all of the time.  They really do enhance each room they are in!  From fun in the kids bathroom to classy for the master we are so happy we chose these cabinets for our home!

Sharon K. Walker
San Antonia, TX

Testimonial Photo - Callahan 1

The last project was to remodel our 32 year old kitchen so I 
took my time to thoroughly investigate every aspect of my design to really 
ensure we would be happy with everything.

Our friends
 are completely impressed with the results as are we. I can't get
over how beautiful the Ultracraft cabinets are and how well made they are. 
Our installer has been a friend of the family and has done kitchens 
for 17 years and was so impressed with them and how perfectly they 
fit he had two of the dealers he does work for come over to see them.

The biggest reward for me happened a few weeks after the kitchen was 
complete when my beautiful wife of 44 years told me she loved 100% of the 

Designed by Jean Becker
Steve Callahan - San Diego, CA

Testimonial Photo - Betty 1

I don't know how we can keep this short. It's been about 7 months, and we've really been enjoying our kitchen. We absolutely love how the kitchen looks and how everything turned out, and must credit you for your guidance during the whole project. The storage space is so much more useful and functional now than ever before.

The UltraCraft cabinets look great, function flawlessly, seem very well-built so they should look and work great for a long time, and they fit our budget.

Betty Lee
Boston, MA

At first I was afraid to go with a frameless construction cabinet, but when my dealer explained to me that I could get the traditional look that I wanted and an additional 10-15% more internal cabinet space I was sold.

I am simply amazed at how much more storage area I have compared to my old framed cabinets. And, with the variety of different accessory items available to organize the inside of the cabinetry, I finally have the organized kitchen that I’ve always wanted. I no longer have to spend extra time to find the items I need to prepare a meal or clean up afterwards – everything is easily accessible!

Rita Ray Anderson
Boca Raton, FL

I am so glad that my husband and I chose UltraCraft cabinets. The cabinets arrived on time and were very easy to install by following their installation guide. We did need to re-order a door that was damaged during installation, but we received the product in just a few days.

My favorite part of my new kitchen is the flip up door cabinets that my designer planned around my cooking area. I’m able to open the cabinets and get the items I need when I’m cooking and I don’t have to clutter up my countertop or worry about bumping my head into the doors.

I would definitely encourage anyone looking at new cabinetry to consider purchasing UltraCraft.

Judy Banter
Rockford, IL

Testimonial Photo - Anne 1

“Mary (Boston Kitchen Design) has now designed two kitchens for me. In both cases the kitchen space was dramatically enhanced and she offered designs that were unique to each home. Mary listened to what I wanted most from the kitchen space and designed to my expectations while offering suggestions for best utilizing the space I had.

The UltraCraft cabinet selection was widely varied and I easily found a beautiful style within my budget.

Designed by Mary Porzelt for Boston Kitchens

Anne Riba
Boston, MA

Testimonial Photo - Laura 1

Not only is it beautiful, but our new UltraCraft Darlington kitchen is both functional and easy to maintain.

Designed by Mary Porzelt for Boston Kitchens

Laura Nelson
Boston, MA

Testimonial Photo - Tabb Lemons

We love our new UltraCraft kitchen!

Tabb Lemons
Salt Lake City, UT

Testimonial Photo - Debbi Soderstrom

As a full time homemaker, I longed for a kitchen that was not only beautiful, but functional and efficient as well. That's exactly what I got with my UltraCraft kitchen. The gorgeously finished cabinets are of timeless, classic design and fully functional inside and out. I'm able to spend much less time cooking and cleaning and much more time just admiring my fabulous new kitchen.

Designed by Melissa Daigneault
Debbi Soderstrom - Norco, CA

Testimonial Photo - Jeffrey Corkrey

When I decided to redo my kitchen, I looked for cabinets for the longest time. I kept trying to find a wood door that I liked, but just couldn't fall in love. When I saw the PATTERNED ACRILUX option, I knew immediately that was what I wanted. I never thought twice about my decision, and when I saw the cabinets installed, I was absolutely thrilled. I have the ultimate dream kitchen now.

Designed by Jeffrey Corkrey at Kitchen and Bath Solutions
Bobbie Fielder - Costa Mesa, CA

Testimonial Photo - Denise Remington

Our experience using Ultracraft cabinetry was unparalleled to none - exquisite cabinetry, precision craftsmanship, quality that in our opinion is master craftsman made.

We will only use Ultracraft cabinets in all our homes in the future as this is one reason the homes have sold so quickly in these economic times based on the buyer's remarks.

Designed by Denise Remington
David Weiss - Palm Springs, CA

Testimonial Photo - Jennifer Amrose

Ecstatic is the most fitting word to describe our feelings about the new kitchen! We had high expectations for the outcome and you far exceeded the goal. Our cabinets are simply stunning and beyond functional. It is a bit magical how the stone paint finish pairs so beautifully with just about any accessory color. The eggshell accent cabinets with seeded glass are elegant and make the statement we were looking to achieve. Paul's favorite feature in the kitchen is the self closing cabinet drawers whereas the overall look of the cabinets is probably my favorite.

Kitchen Designed by Erica Caserta for Showcase Kitchens

Jennifer Amrose
Canton, CT

Testimonial Photo - Susan Milberg

My kitchen is 10 x 13 1/2. Before we remodeled it had a 35 inch opening to the dining room. There was never enough room for storage, a lack of cohesiveness and organization. Remodeling for the first time, we knew we wanted a clean simple contemporary style with some Italian European warmth. We were delighted to see the light maple Tuscany Vision cabinets with their simple lines, genuine look of solid wood, and reasonable pricing.

Designed by Althea Clark for Expressions Kitchens

Susan Milberg
Sundbury, MA

Testimonial Photo - Michelle and David Cohen

Bayside Kitchens brought our 1988 style kitchen into the 21st Century with a creative new design and using UltraCraft cabinetry. Mark Lane, owner of Bayside Kitchens, developed a functional design layout for our new kitchen by closing off an existing doorway, removing soffits and reorienting the island.

This resulted in a much better work flow with the additional room needed to upgrade the space into a real cook’s kitchen complete with a cook top, wall ovens and ventilation system. Mark recommended Ultrcraft cabinetry to us because of its high quality, great looks and reasonable price. We couldn’t be more pleased with the result!

Designed by Mark Lane for Bayside Kitchens

Michelle and David Cohen
Cape Cod, MA

Testimonial Photo - Lisa Markey

We continue to love our newly remodeled kitchen. We are so happy with the results.

Designed by Mary Porzelt for Boston Kitchens

Lisa Markey
Boston, MA

Testimonial Photo - Robin Goldwater

Our kitchen designer, Mary did for us what other designers did not do -- she asked us questions about how we use our kitchen and then listened to what we had to say. The resulting design and the recommendation of UltraCraft has given us what is truly our "dream kitchen". The cabinets are beautiful and functional.

We were very pleased with the additional space that the cabinet design allows because the traditional "rim" on the inside of the cabinet is not a part of the UltraCraft design. The specialty cabinets for pots, baking sheets, and the corner lazy susan have solved many storage problems that we had in our former kitchen. The cabinets that make up the island allow for easy food prep and the aesthetic eye with which Mary created a cabinet around the refrigerator was the finishing touch that to a room that is warm, functional, organized and a great gathering place."

Designed by Mary Porzelt for Boston Kitchens

Robin Goldwater
Boston, MA

I couldn’t have been more pleased with my new UltraCraft kitchen. UltraCraft cabinetry allowed me to really create a dream kitchen that suited my style. They had the most comprehensive collection of contemporary styled cabinets than any other manufacturer. Even the high priced German and Italian cabinet lines could not compete with the offering from UltraCraft.

Jane Pearson
Scottsdale, AZ

As a manufacturer that focuses solely on full overlay, full access cabinetry, we are experts in providing you with the look and feel that you desire. Since our cabinetry offers up to 15% more usable space than manufacturers that rely on framed construction, you'll be able to fit more items into your existing footprint. And, because we continually seek out and add the latest in ergonomic and functional hardware as well as the latest organizational accessories, you can rest assured that your kitchen will be as functional as it is beautiful.

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