Decorative Moldings

Nothing finishes off cabinetry quite like crown molding. Check out the available selections from UltraCraft. We offer standard crown in many shapes as well as crown with inserts. See your local dealer for more options as crown can be mixed and matched

Crown with Dentil Insert

Dentil Crown Inserts can be placed into a variety of crown molding shapes.

Crown with Egg and Dart Insert

Egg and Dart insert molding adds an elegant touch to any crown molding detail.

Crown with Rope Insert

Rope Insert is one of our most popular Crown Molding Details.

Crown with Wreath Trim and Ornament

Add a special touch by breaking up long lines of inserts with a decorative ornament. Here, a wreath ornament is used in conjunction with the wreath trim molding.

Crown with Ornamental Trim

An Ornamental Trim is used with a cove crown molding.

Crown with Contrasting Ornamental Trim

Highlight moldings by adding an ornamental insert in a contrasting color as shown here.

As a manufacturer that focuses solely on full overlay, full access cabinetry, we are experts in providing you with the look and feel that you desire. Since our cabinetry offers up to 15% more usable space than manufacturers that rely on framed construction, you'll be able to fit more items into your existing footprint. And, because we continually seek out and add the latest in ergonomic and functional hardware as well as the latest organizational accessories, you can rest assured that your kitchen will be as functional as it is beautiful.

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