Not Your Fathers Particleboard

Posted on August 26th, 2010 18:22

Today's Particleboard is a Great Option for Cabinetry

First off, you should know that for all of UltraCraft's Destiny wood door styles, you have the option to have your cabinetry produced with either particleboard, or more specifically, Engineered Furniture Core or plywood. So, which is the right choice for you?

Many people have a preconceived notion that particleboard is not a suitable material for building cabinetry. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, in some cases, particleboard is a better option than plywood. Just ask the manufacturer's of high end furniture which they prefer to use and you might be surprised to find that the answer is particleboard.

Isn't Plywood Stronger?

It's true that plywood has a stronger torsion (ability to bend) and shearing strength and is generally lighter than particleboard. But, for compression, the ability to support a load that does not bend a panel, they are about equal in strength. And, of course, that's where it really counts for cabinet design. The load of a granite countertop or a sink full of water is a good example of how compression is applied to a cabinet. And, when wall cabinets are hung, the cabinet is designed to transfer the load to the cabinet as compression.

Particleboard isn't waterproof!

It's quite true that particleboard isn't waterproof. Plywood isn't either. The melamine covering that is thermally fused to the particleboard ends, however, is waterproof and as long as there is a tight fit between the panels, particleboard cabinetry will stand up just fine to minor spills. Of course, if you have a flood in your kitchen, you will more than likely have to replace all the base cabinets regardless of the panel material.

Advantages of Particleboard

Particleboard has it's advantages over Plywood as well. First off, Particleboard resists warping, cupping and twisting better than plywood. And, it's less likely to expand or contract based on humidity. Particleboard is also easier to machine which means that the cabinet parts can be held to tighter tolerances - an important consideration! Finally, Particleboard, is a less expensive option than plywood.

If this article doesn't convince you, just look at UltraCraft's 100-year warranty. Or, opt for their plywood construction. Either way, we know you'll be satisfied with your new kitchen or bath for a long time to come.

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