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Destiny: Apex

3/4" thick slab door with eased outside edge profile. Constructed of Medium Density Fiberboard.

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This door style is available in the following wood species. Not all finishes, however, are available on all door styles. See your local dealer for available finishes by door style.


  • Arctic White
  • Arctic White with Mocha Glaze
  • Arctic White with Nickel Glaze
  • Beach White
  • Beach White with Mocha Glaze
  • Beach White with Nickel Glaze
  • Black
  • Black with Lime Glaze
  • Black with Mocha Glaze
  • Black with Nickel Glaze
  • Eggshell
  • Eggshell with Mocha Glaze
  • Eggshell with Nickel Glaze
  • Sage
  • Sage with Lime Glaze
  • Sage with Mocha Glaze
  • Sage with Nickel Glaze
  • Stone
  • Stone with Lime Glaze
  • Stone with Mocha Glaze
  • Stone with Nickel Glaze
  • Toffee
  • Truffle
  • Truffle with Brown Glaze
  • Truffle with Mocha Glaze
  • Truffle Vintage
  • Lunar Grey
  • Lunar Grey with Lime Glaze
  • Lunar Grey with Mocha Glaze
  • Lunar Grey with Nickel Glaze
  • Melted Brie
  • Melted Brie with Mocha Glaze
  • Melted Brie with Nickel Glaze
  • Rag and Bone
  • Rag and Bone with Mocha Glaze
  • Rag and Bone with Nickel Glaze
  • Lunar Grey with Brown Glaze
  • Melted Brie with Brown Glaze
  • Rag and Bone with Brown Glaze
  • Russian Sage
  • Russian Sage with Brown Glaze
  • Russian Sage with Mocha Glaze
  • Russian Sage with Nickel Glaze