A Quiet Kitchen, part 1: Quiet Look

Welcome to Quiet Look, part 1 of a five-part series on A Quiet Kitchen design.

We demand a lot of our busy, active kitchens: food storage, meal prep, cooking, cleaning, gathering, eating, entertaining, even homework. And storing sooooo much stuff! With today’s open floor plans, what happens in the kitchen is also happening in every living space in the house. For your new kitchen, let’s design a space that can do it all, without the clamor. Leave the noisy world outside and reach for calm in a quiet kitchen design. If you don’t think you’re ready to take this on alone, no problem. A professional UltraCraft kitchen designer near you will be happy to help. They’re the experts!

There are five parts to A Quiet Kitchen: Quiet Look, Quiet Motion, Quiet the Clutter, Quiet Lighting, and Quiet the Noise. In the next few weeks, watch for parts two through five. Read on for Part 1: Quiet Look.

Part 1: Quiet Look

Noise is not just sound. What we see also signals our brain to react or overreact. If we reduce the signals, we can calm the mind. Visually quiet means a clean, uncomplicated scene with very little visual information for our brains to process. Less is quiet.

A simple color palette

Start with a simple color palette. This modern European kitchen has a limited palette of light-to-dark grays with warm wood tones for color. If black and white is too modern for your tastes, desaturated, neutral colors and colors found in nature are visibly and emotionally soothing. Bright stimulates. Subdued calms. The more natural light you have available the darker, and calmer, you can go with colors.

Shows a quiet kitchen finished.
Piper door style in Sienna Textured Melamine; South Beach door style in Black Ops UltraMatte UltraLux Acrylic (or Adriatic door style in
Coal SuperMatte Thermofoil); AF006 Metal door style in Onyx with White Matte backpainted Tech Glass. Wall panels are Sienna and Archicrete Textured Melamine.

Large areas of the same or similar colors

Paint with a broad brush. Use the same color, or subtle contrasts, across large areas to limit visible interruption. Combine cabinets of different finishes, if you like, but group like finishes together. Backsplashes or wall coverings should mimic or match cabinet colors to not break up the “panorama.” Instead of adding materials like tile or paint, use panels that match cabinet finishes to cover the walls. Select flooring with minimal detail.

simple color palette and matching backsplash
A limited palette of four colors: light gray, white oak wood tones, dark gray, and white. The backsplash is a wall panel in the same finish as the base cabinets: Sienna Textured Melamine. The soffit is covered in a panel of Archicrete Textured Melamine.

A quiet kitchen uses plain and simple cabinet doors

Minimize anything that can catch dust. Lean toward flat, modern, slab-style doors which have zero ornamentation or Shaker-style doors with minimal details. Stay away from raised-panel doors with ornate edges and applied details. For doors with glass, consider a simple frame and an opaque or backpainted glass to hide cabinet contents. Plain is quiet.

“Built-in” appliances

To not disrupt a run of cabinetry, ovens and microwaves can be installed flush with cabinet doors. Refrigerators and dishwashers can wear matching front panels to make them look like cabinets themselves. Of course, visible appliances should match each other where possible.

shows hidden door hardware and built-in appliances
Very little to catch dust here. Plain and quiet. The oven and coffee maker are installed flush with the cabinet doors and the refrigerator is disguised to look like the cabinets.

A Quiet Kitchen may have hidden hardware

And the final touch…touch-to-open. Instead of decorative door and drawer pulls or knobs, use unseen touch latches to open doors and drawers.

What are you waiting for? Visit your local UltraCraft designer’s showroom today!

Quiet Look is just one part of a quiet kitchen design. Watch for our next installment, Part 2: Quiet Motion.

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