New UltraCraft Design Blog and Product Launch

ultracurrent : an energetic flow of premium design ideas.

We are very excited to announce our new UltraCraft design blog and product launch! Welcome to our first-ever UltraCraft blog – ultracurrent. Here we’ll explore current design trends and ideas, look at UltraCraft products in ways they’ve not been presented before, and celebrate spaces created by UltraCraft kitchen and bath designers. We’ll build a reference library of ideas and information to inspire homeowners and professional designers to think outside the cabinet.

We’ll also introduce new products at least twice each year, which we’ll include on this new design blog. We’re committed to living on the leading edge of fashion and function, and offering uncompromising quality, fit, and finish. Our in-house designers, engineers, and new-product developers are always searching for and creating better ways to bring you your dream kitchen…or even better than you can dream!

Here are our favorite new products launched just today:

Moss Green Paint

Greens are on trend and our newest – Moss Green paint – stands alone and plays well with others. It looks fabulous accented with Brown, Nickel or Mocha glaze, Brown or Nickel Linen glaze, and distresses like a champ. It is a grounding companion to our white paints, a nice sheen contrast for any of our high-gloss or matte finishes, and a comfortable neutral to show off woodgrains.

Moss Green Paint Pairs Well With Other Finishes

Vanity Hutch with Pull-out Organizer

Bring organization and harmony to the bathroom. Our new countertop hutch is small enough – 9˝ or 12˝ wide – to be installed above a bathroom vanity. Handcrafted in maple by Century Components. Store more and keep it organized. Every hair-product junkie is going to want one (or two!) of these. And the people who share their bathroom will want them to have it too.

Vanity Hutch with Century Pull-out Organizer

Treat Trash Like Treasure

In every kitchen, bath or office, the trash can, waste basket, or circle file must go somewhere. As cabinetmakers, we suggest you conceal “another’s treasure” inside a cabinet. We’ve expanded our selection of trash and recycle bin cabinet pull-outs. We now offer variations including single bins, double bins, nestled bins, hanging bins, sliding bins, and soft-close gliding bins. 15”, 18”, 21” and 24” wide. 24”, 21” and 18” deep for kitchen, bath, or desk. Some with drawers, some without, some with the option for a pull-out tray above the bin. Sleek, contemporary pull-outs by Kessebohmer, and hand-crafted, maple pull-outs by Century Components. We even have a recycling center with bins that spin like a lazy susan inside a corner cabinet.

Shows selections of trash and recycle cabinet configurations.

Secret Pantry Kit

Does your dream kitchen include a secret passageway? It can! Instead of an ordinary pantry door that would break up a run of lovely cabinets, you can have our Walk-Through Pantry Doors and keep the look clean and uninterrupted. When the doors are closed, Walk-Through Pantry Doors look like a tall cabinet. Open them and walk through to your hidden pantry. You may not even want to tell the rest of the family it’s there.

Walk-Through Pantry shown with doors open and doors closed

UltraCraft Brochure and Finish Poster

In addition to the new UltraCraft design blog and product launch, we’re introducing two brand-new pieces of literature. To inspire you and to make it as easy as possible for you to begin planning your new kitchen, bath or other living space, we’ve consolidated and updated our design and construction brochures. Download the digital pdfs of the new UltraCraft Brochure and its companion, the Finish Poster to view on-screen. Or better yet, when you visit your local UltraCraft kitchen dealer’s showroom, ask for printed copies of each.

The brochure has everything: every door, every finish, every accessory, details of the features and benefits of full-access construction, beautiful photography, and the advantages of working with UltraCraft products, processes, and professional UltraCraft designers, when exploring all the possibilities of current kitchen and bath design. Use the brochure (and additional photos on Houzz) to help you narrow your style, favorite finishes, and colors, then share with your designer.

The poster shows every color and finish and allows you to see the range of colors available and how they might look in combination. Work with it in your home to help you explore what your new kitchen could look like.

Visit our brochure page to download PDF versions of our new literature!

Remember, digital and printed images cannot show super-accurate color. When you visit your dealer’s showroom, your designer will show you real color samples and we recommend you order custom sample doors before you order cabinets.

Shows UltraCraft Consumer Brochure and Finish Poster contents

Thanks for reading the first post of our new design blog and for checking out some of the items from our latest product launch. Subscribe and, about every other week, we’ll treat you to design topics we find on trend and inspirational. If something you read here made you smile, share it with your friends. It’s free!

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