UltraCraft's Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Factory Improvements: Summer’s Top 4

You may never know what happens inside the plant to build the cabinets for your new kitchen, but it’s a source of pride for us. At UltraCraft, we are dedicated to continuous factory improvements in all areas. Sometimes it’s big things and sometimes it’s a series of little things that make a big difference. This was a big summer at our manufacturing plant. We’ve implemented some of our best ideas in line with our commitment to deliver our best work on time, every time, so your home improvement project will go as smoothly as possible. Here are a few we’re most excited about:

Customer Quality Advocate

The voices of our dealers, designers and homeowners have always been our guiding light because we want to understand their needs. To accomplish this, our operations, engineering, manufacturing and sales teams meet regularly to share feedback from you. These meetings often inspire factory improvements and pointed to a need for a Customer Quality Advocate. This dedicated new position reports to our Quality Manager and will give extra attention where it’s needed:

  • Minimizing errors on Replacement Parts orders.
  • Double-checking complex assemblies, like drawers.
  • Increasing bore/dowel machine tolerance checks to hourly.
  • Conducting additional checks-and-balances audits.
Factory engineer overseeing latest inspection improvements.

New Finish Engineer and Finish SWAT Team

Quality is in the details, and the finish of our products is no exception. In August, we brought on a Finish Engineer to up our game with new techniques and processes for wood finishes to achieve the very best for your new kitchen. We also launched a Finish SWAT Team to target factory improvements in cabinet finish quality. Together they will tackle key challenges:

  • Reducing airborne particles that can contaminate a pristine finish.
  • Adding protective padding to mitigate damage risks.
  • Enhancing the inspection process.
UltraCraft's door inspection area.
Part of UltraCraft's door finishing department.

VIP 2.0

Our commitment to excellence requires us to be flexible enough to add steps to our production process to make it better. We use Visual Inspection Process (VIP) as a cornerstone of our quality control measures. Now, we are stepping up to VIP 2.0 which includes Cart Audits to check color consistency before finished items arrive to our Accessory or Shipping departments, and additional signoffs for dimensions and colors before cabinets and parts are packaged. These signoffs are printed right onto the shop floor paperwork. An extra look for an extra layer of accuracy.

Continuous improvements require communication and collaboration.

ICC Audit Triumph

UltraCraft’s quality management system has successfully passed the International Code Council (ICC) audit. The ICC is the leading global source of model codes and standards and building safety solutions that include product evaluation, accreditation, technology, training, and certification. This achievement underscores our dedication to excellence in every facet of our operations.

An Attitude of Gratitude

In our factory, there are thousands of moving parts and processes and each one works in concert with all the others. Unless you work in manufacturing, little factory improvements like extra padding on a cart may not seem like much. But if it reduces the risk of a scratch or dent on the cabinet door we just hand-finished for you, to us it’s a big deal.

Thanks to everyone at UltraCraft who creates, implements and embraces changes for the better, to our dealers and designers who create such incredibly beautiful kitchens, and thanks to the homeowners who choose our cabinetry. It’s all for you. Keep cookin’ everyone!

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