Brilliant Lighting for Every New Kitchen

5 Favorite Places for Cabinet Lighting

See the Light

Every kitchen needs combinations of natural, ambient, task, and accent lighting for safety, efficiency, and comfort. Every task – organizing, displaying, navigating, cleaning, cooking, eating, and entertaining – deserves the right light. In addition to any decorative lighting and windows, here are our top five favorite places for cabinet lighting:

5. Countertop Lighting

For safety’s sake it’s best not to work with sharp knives in the dark. The absolute must-have in any kitchen is Light Bars or Light Ribbons beneath wall cabinets to brighten countertops for prep work.

LED Light Bar beneath an upper cabinet illuminating the countertop.

4. Display Cabinet Lighting

Maybe it’s a little too obvious that you’d want to illuminate crystal and colorful items displayed behind glass. Cabinets with glass shelves and doors with glass inserts cry out for light. Puck Lights recessed into the top of the cabinet shower light down from above. It’s glorious.

Puck Lights illuminating a display cabinet.

3. Open Shelf Lighting

Not all displays are behind glass. Open shelving is as popular as ever and is a great place for Light Bars, Light Ribbons, or Puck Lights beneath an upper shelf to highlight items displayed on the shelf below.

Light Bars beneath open shelves.

2. Ceiling Lighting

Create the mood you want and add interest to any dramatic ceiling architecture by placing Light Bars or Light Ribbons above wall cabinets directing light up. Puck Lights will work here too creating circles of light on the ceiling.

1. Floor Lighting

Another mood setter, Light Bars or Light Ribbons at the bottom of base cabinets. Of course, anyone who has ever stubbed a toe on the way to a midnight snack will appreciate toe kick night lights.

Light Ribbons lighting up kitchen toe kicks

New! Aurora Cabinet Lighting

UltraCraft is happy to introduce Aurora Cabinet Lighting. A system that allows kitchen designers to combine three different types of lights – Light Bars, Light Ribbons, and Puck Lights – to work throughout the kitchen.

Aurora Cabinet Lighting is a low voltage, plug-and-play, indoor LED system for every new kitchen. It is powered by a 90-watt driver and a 4-port distributor, and operated via wireless, Bluetooth, battery-powered wall switch or smart phone app. In addition to on and off, adjust brightness from soft and low to clear and bright, and color temperature from warmer yellows to cooler blues. Easy to customize. Easy to operate.

A list of features of the UltraCraft Aurora Cabinet Lighting System


Homeowners, we’ve created a downloadable Aurora Lighting System for Homeowners brochure to spark your design ideas. It has photos, descriptions, and a list of features.

UltraCraft designers, Aurora Lighting System for Designers brochure can be found on MediaHub accessible through OneTouch. It should be used as a companion to your UltraCraft Spec Guide. The brochure diagrams how the parts of the system work together making it easy to understand and to customize for any kitchen design. It even has lists of parts to simplify ordering.

Sample Kits

UltraCraft designers, we are finalizing details for an Aurora Lighting System demonstration sample kit for you to share with your customers. Watch for an announcement on OneTouch when the kit is ready to order.

Aurora Cabinet Lighting is available to order now. We can’t wait to see what you create with it!

What are you waiting for? Visit your local UltraCraft designer’s showroom today and spark a conversation!

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