UltraCraft's Newest Improvements

Meet Our Factory Improvements: Tad, Colby, and Erin

Last month we talked about how we spent summer at the UltraCraft making factory improvements of all kinds to bring you a premium cabinet experience. The biggest improvements we made are bright minds and positive, ambitious attitudes. Please meet Tad, Colby, and Erin.

Photo and quote of UltraCraft's Tad Bartlett

Tad Bartlett, General Manager

“I hope to champion the premium experience that is UltraCraft,” says Barrett.

Tad’s manufacturing expertise includes deep dives in both the automotive and cabinet industries. He’s no stranger to MasterBrand and we are thrilled we now have him to steward our production facility in Liberty, NC. Tad believes, “To be successful, a leader must be an advocate for every customer, both internal and external, and fight for every order.”

He says he’s still learning how to achieve the proper balance between work he truly enjoys and his personal life. We see why it’s a challenge. When he’s not leading our team, he’s with his family at the beach, or hiking in the woods, or golfing, or biking with his wife. Oh, yes, and pursuing his MBA. Once he graduates next summer, he’ll re-boot his triathlon training.

Interesting fact: “My mother’s favorite president was Abraham Lincoln. I am named after Lincoln’s youngest son, whose nickname was Tad.”

Photo and quote of UltraCraft's Colby Saylor

Colby Saylor, Finishing Engineer

“Knowing your trade is where you start, but professional success comes from empowering your team,” says Saylor.

Colby’s past includes working with chemical additives that are used in paints. That’s where he developed his interest in the finishing process. He’s since added enthusiasm for process, quality, and safety improvements in the manufacturing environment which makes him a perfect fit for us. Colby says, “Right away, I want to work on multiple process improvement projects, and renew our focus on safety at the Liberty location.”

When he’s not leading our team of finishers, Colby’s loves are his family, video games, running, and music.

Interesting Fact: For fun, Colby trains as a distance runner. In April 2022, he completed one of America’s toughest road races, the Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Half Marathon. Folks, that’s 13.1 miles with an elevation gain/loss of 3,790 feet!

Photo and quote of UltraCraft's Erin Kelly

Erin Kelly, Customer Quality Advocate

“Kindness goes a long way,” says Kelly. “The quality of our relationships is of utmost importance in this life.”

This is a new position for UltraCraft, but Erin has been a part of our family for a long time. We are thrilled she applied for this new role. Before UltraCraft, she worked in custom cabinet shops and as an assistant cabinet installer. She spent over seven years in our machine room where she became interested in the quality side of manufacturing.

Erin seeks out opportunities to learn so her work, “never gets boring.” She says, “I want to continue to learn every aspect of our cabinet building process to advance our quality and efficiency.”

As a Quality Tech and Customer Advocate she’ll have her eye on your project as it progresses through the plant. Otherwise, you can find her RV-ing at the coast with husband, John, growing her own vegetables, and shamelessly spoiling her dachshund, Winston.

Interesting Fact: Erin had the opportunity to study abroad in Western Australia.

A Peek Behind the Scenes

These brief introductions can’t do justice to everything these fine people do for UltraCraft. We hope that learning more about them brings you confidence in the cabinetry we make for you. Maybe one day you’ll get to meet them in person.

What are you waiting for? Visit your local UltraCraft designer’s showroom today and spark a conversation!

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