Four Ways to Embrace the Classic White Kitchen

The Classic White Kitchen is Here to Stay

The color experts have spoken, and bolder colors are trending for 2023. Hold on, not so fast, forecasters. The white kitchen is a classic and it is here to stay. Using UltraCraft’s very own designer-inspired palette of whites and light patterns in a variety of materials, let’s explore four ways to approach your unique white kitchen. Never let too many options overwhelm you. Your local UltraCraft kitchen designer is ready to help.

Here are four palettes – from purist to adventurist – to embrace the light:

1. The White Whites

If it isn’t broken… As proof of its staying power, UltraCraft offers white whites in several materials and sheens. A traditional- or transitional-style kitchen of painted wood cabinetry is the most popular choice, but there are others to consider. Thermofoil and Eurotek whites mimic the look of paint but are more stable in heat and humidity. They are available in high-gloss, satin, and matte finishes, and may be easier on the budget. For a contemporary-style white kitchen, acrylics are available in silky matte and chic high gloss.

2. The Creamy Whites

If you prefer a softer white, just add a tiny bit of color. These whites are still light and bright, but with a bit of cheerful added. Still a choice of sheen: low- or standard-sheen for paints, satin sheen for Eurotek, and shiny, happy, high-gloss acrylic.

3. The Nearly Whites

Want a richer feel? The nearly whites may look too not white against this white background, but a kitchen any of these colors will feel like a warm hug. If you feel these nearly whites aren’t nearly white enough, consider these as companions to whiter whites, or as a wall color behind whiter cabinetry.

4. The Patterned Lights

You know who you are, trail blazers. You are inspired by your neighbor’s new kitchen, but want to make yours edgy and creative, like you. Start with light, then add pattern and texture. Cabinetry in these finishes also play well with cabinets in any other white no matter the sheen.

Custom Whites

No two whites are alike. If our designer-selected whites do not include your favorite, ask your designer about UltraCraft’s Custom Paint Color Program where every white is available.      

What are you waiting for? Visit your local UltraCraft designer’s showroom today!

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