Four Ways to Use Bold Color in the Kitchen

2023 Colors of the Year: Bold is Back

The predictions are out. Color experts, including major paint manufacturers and our very own Masterbrand Design Trends team, believe bold, vibrant colors are back. An all-white kitchen is a classic, but an expanded palette brings fresh opportunity to design for every personality. What to do with all that color? You can start with neutral colors: whites, off whites, grays, creams, and the less saturated tones found in nature. Then, layer in more-saturated, statement colors. The more color-confident you are, the bolder you’ll go. Don’t go it alone. Your local UltraCraft kitchen designer is ready to help.

2023 Color of the Year

Here are four approaches – from timid to confident – to using color in the kitchen:

1. Accent-uate Color

For the most color-timid among us, test the waters with curtains, washable rugs, tablecloths, and banquette cushions. Still too much? Start with colorful dishtowels, napkins, and place mats. Bolder? Choose colorful lamp shades, seating, small appliances, even stoves, range hoods, and refrigerators. Bolder, still? Countertops are available in many colors and rich wood tones.

colorful kitchen accents

2. Color the Walls

Your favorite color on the walls can show off your personality and showcase your cabinet choices. This works with cabinets in any finish, even contemporary acrylics. If, or when, you change your mind, a fresh coat of paint does the trick. Are you sure? Try colorful tile on walls, backsplashes, and floors.

colorful kitchens
A little or a lot, introduce color with wall paint, splashy tile, accessories, and even with cabinets of different colors and materials. Left: Plainview door style in Cherry with Wenge stain and Slab door style in Bamboo with Coastal Grey stain. Center: South Beach door style in Pure White and Linear Silver UltraLux acrylic. Right: Piper door style in Raw Cotton Textured Melamie and Acrilux II door style in Champagne UltraLux acrylic.

3. Color the Cabinets

We love talking cabinets! Paint the cabinets to bring color in the kitchen design. Use neutral lights and grays for walls, trims, countertops, backsplashes, and perimeter cabinets. Choose a vibrant color, light or dark, for the island. Go one step further and use the island color on the lower perimeter cabinets or all the cabinets on a free-standing wall. Go crazy? Paint all the cabinets your happy color against neutral-colored walls and trim. Absolutely EVERY color is available through UltraCraft’s Custom Paint Color Program.

colorful kitchens
Cabinets come in every color and virtually limitless combinations. Left: Lakeway door style shown in Vining Ivy paint and Stickley door style in Rustic Alder with Natural stain. Center: Piper door style in Vinyard Oak Textured Melamine and South Beach door style in Naval UltraMatte Thermofoil. Right: Avon door style in UltraCraft’s Moss Green paint.

4. Color on Color

Minimize the neutrals. Try bright colored cabinets against a charcoal-colored wall, or vice versa. Use two or more colors from the same family…teal cabinets against navy walls, coral with blush. Mix color families – moss green paired with sky blue or sunny yellow. Maybe, embrace a rich, moody palette of jewel tones. How bold will you go for color in the kitchen. Visit UltraCraft’s Inspiration Gallery and Kitchen Visualizer for more color ideas.

colorful kitchen ideas

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