How Do You Learn About A Cabinet Manufacturer’s Products

Most major cabinet manufacturers sell their products through designers, dealers, and distributors instead of directly to homeowners. But it is still important for us to get clear information into homeowner’s hands. We believe educating our dealers and their customers – you – is vital to the sales process. The more you know about our products, the more likely you are to choose UltraCraft cabinets. The more you know what to expect, the happier you will be with your purchase. Then you’ll tell two friends, and they’ll tell two friends, and so on. There are several ways we reach out to teach you about our products:

Designers and Dealer Showrooms

We believe the professional kitchen designers and dealers who sell UltraCraft cabinetry are our best emissaries, and we make thorough training available to them for onboarding new designers and each time we launch new products. We’ve created sophisticated showroom displays and other sales aids to show off our craftsmanship, door styles, and finishes. And we’ve created full-color, printed product literature for them to keep in their showrooms to share with you. We also support their local marketing efforts with a bit of our own marketing like…

Printed Literature

The UltraCraft Brochure has everything: every door, every finish, every accessory, details of our full-access construction, inspirational photography, and the advantages of working with UltraCraft products, processes, and UltraCraft designers, when exploring all the possibilities of current kitchen and bath design. It has idea-generating side bars, cabinet care instructions, and a copy of our 100-Year Limited Warranty. The 84-page brochure is 8.5˝ x 11˝ and perfect bound with a luxurious soft-touch cover.

UltraCraft Cabinetry Brochure Cover
Examples of inside the UltraCraft Brochure Door Styles Finishes
UltraCraft Office and Kitchen Photos Walnut Blue Paint Alder Industrial
UltraCraft Storage Accessories and Construction Diagrams

The UltraCraft Finish Poster is 22” x 34” and printed on both sides to squeeze it all in. It shows every finish we offer and makes it easy to see finishes in combination. It comes folded down to 8.5” x 11” making it easy to take home. We think everyone who enters a dealer’s showroom should leave with one of these posters. It’s ideal for starting the cabinet color/finish conversation with your family and designer.

UltraCraft Cabinetry Poster of finishes Front and Back

Manufacturer’s Website

The UltraCraft Website: Visit our freshly re-designed website to explore all our door styles and finishes, then take a spin on our Kitchen Visualizer. Select from the visualizer library of styles, finishes, floors, and backsplashes to see how your favorite combinations might look in a virtual kitchen. The rest of the site has a project planning tips, a remodel checklist, a budget calculator, homeowner reviews, and a search feature to find an UltraCraft dealer near you.

On the site you can download a few informative digital brochures: Custom Paint Program, Specialty Finish Program, Aurora Lighting System, and the “A Quiet Kitchen” design ebook. You can also download the aforementioned UltraCraft Brochure and UltraCraft Finish Poster in digital format.

Since you are reading this, you’ve already met our ultracurrent Design Blog accessed via the UltraCraft website. Here we explore current design trends and ideas and look at UltraCraft products in ways maybe they’ve not been presented before. Trendy, design-y, newsy topics.

Image of the home page of the UltraCraft Website showing Kitchen in Quarter Sawn White Oak
UltraCraft Cabinetry Downloadable Brochures Custom Color Paint Lighting Distressing Quiet Design

Social Media

UltraCraft posts weekly on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Our topics include product education, design tips/tricks/ideas, special kitchen features and accessories, and showcasing kitchens created by professional UltraCraft designers. You can also find us on Houzz. Check us out!

We hope you start your info search right away. We believe the more you know about our products, the quicker you’ll want us in your new kitchen.

What are you waiting for? Visit your local UltraCraft designer’s showroom today!

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ultracurrent : an energetic flow of premium design ideas.

Here we’ll explore current design trends and ideas, look at UltraCraft products in ways they’ve not been presented before, and celebrate spaces created by UltraCraft kitchen and bath designers. We’ll build a reference library of ideas and information to inspire homeowners and professional designers to think outside the cabinet.

We’ll also introduce new products at least twice each year. We’re committed to living on the leading edge of fashion and function, and offering uncompromising quality, fit, and finish. Our in-house designers, engineers, and new-product developers are always searching for and creating better ways to bring you your dream kitchen…or even better than you can dream!

Hey UltraCraft kitchen designers…

Do you have professional-level photography of your outstanding kitchen designs? You can upload them to MasterBrand’s Media Hub and get them the recognition they deserve! Having your images on our Media Hub allows other designers to be inspired by your projects and your photos have the potential of being highlighted in our literature and on our website and social media posts. Other dealers (only those NOT located in your state) would be allowed to use your photos as long as they credit you and your photographer every time they use your image. Please share your pictures. We love your work!