3 Reasons We Love Frameless Cabinetry

Cabinet Construction Methods

Today, generally speaking, there are two ways to build a cabinet box: framed and frameless. In the beginning, framed cabinetry was just called cabinetry because there was no other method being widely used. Frameless construction originated in Europe after WWII and is sometimes called European, Euro-style, or 32mm cabinetry. This efficient building method crossed the pond and frameless cabinetry is now widely available from American cabinet manufacturers. Full disclosure: we call it Full Access, and it’s all we make.

Frameless vs Framed

Here’s what we love most about Full Access cabinetry:

3. Unobstructed Access

Without a frame around the face of the box, or a knuckle-nicking center stile*, it is easier to put in and pull out everything stored in the cabinet, especially larger items like platters, and adjustable shelves are easier to adjust. Also, the frame creates a pesky lip along the bottom “shelf” but with no lip, dust and crumbs are easier to wipe away.

*Extra wide Full Access cabinets will have a center stile for structural support.

Designer Erica Caserta, AKBD; Showcase Kitchens

2. The Cleanest Look

Full Access construction is a more modern-looking cabinet. Instead of a frame sticking out beyond the box, cabinet sides are seamless. Doors are true, full overlay covering the entire front of the box leaving only a slight reveal, making them perfect for modern and contemporary looks like slab-style doors in wood veneers, acrylics, and other new and trending materials. Not to worry. More ornamental transitional- and traditional-style doors also look fabulous on a frameless box.

1. More Storage Space!

A face frame lives in what would otherwise be storage space. No frame, more room for stuff. Up to 15% more room. The real space savings comes in extra wide drawers and pull-out trays that don’t have to be narrower to clear the frame. Go ahead, get the new flatware you’ve had your eye on with service for sixteen and toss another mini flashlight into that junk drawer!


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