UltraCraft’s New Modular Merchandiser

Designed for your design

The path to your new UltraCraft kitchen begins at your local kitchen designer’s showroom. This is where you and your designer will select the best cabinetry for your project (UltraCraft, of course!), hone your new kitchen layout, and choose your favorite door styles, colors and finishes. And the showroom merchandiser is where the magic happens. The merchandiser is built of UltraCraft cabinetry so you can see the quality construction, experience the finesse of our soft-close drawers, and feel the craftsmanship in our doors and finishes. The merchandiser organizes and displays UltraCraft styles selected by your designer to be the most popular and suitable for the lifestyles and tastes of customers in your location.

Designed by your designer

Our new Modular Merchandiser is not a display, yet. We’ve engineered a simple group of four basic components that fit together. Your designer will combine the components into a unique display perfect for their showroom and how they work with you. Any number of configurations are possible!

We are especially excited by the Trend Board. It has three light temperature settings to more closely replicate the lighting in your kitchen. Place your favorite doors and finishes here, maybe a sample of wallpaper or tile you’re considering, and a paint color swatch or two. See what works together best, then snap a photo of your mood board.

What are you waiting for? Visit your local UltraCraft designer’s showroom today!

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Hey UltraCraft kitchen designers…

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